M Van Wijnen

Spicerhaart Corporate Sales

They will do everything in their power to resolve any case we present them with…
We have worked with Zinc since its inception and always found the level of service provided to be exemplary. Its employees are professional yet friendly and boast significant experience in the fields in which they operate. Whilst being extremely capable at day to day planned and reactive maintenance, they also excel at problem case and project management, making them an invaluable asset to all aspects of our contracting requirements. Although the correct solution to a particularly complicated problem can sometimes stretch the knowledge of even the most well informed client, Zinc ensure that their recommendations and subsequent works are well explained, tailored to our needs and fit for purpose. They are also always well prepared for our stringent audit programme and exceed all of our compliance and regulatory requirements, making relationship management an easy task.​​
We have worked with the director, Ronnie Mott, and office manager, Jess Cartwright, for numerous years including their previous engagement at a similar operation and it is safe to say that their track record of service, quality, reliability and value has carried over to form the core of Zinc. They will do everything in their power to resolve any case we present them with and I have no doubts that this level of performance is indicative of their entire operation.

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